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Welcome to Nature Walkers! We hike, we climb, we travel, we dance, we sing, we live every moment of our life as it’s our last one. Current scenario says we are the most recommended trekking club in and around Bangalore. We bring out opportunity to explore new places in a small duration of a weekend. A sense of excitement of achieving something in our life by travelling to the most difficult but beautiful peaks in western ghats is all we aim for. Join us, and we would take you the wonderful fairy lands of western ghats you could wish for.

We need the tonic of wildness…At the same time that we are earnest to explore and learn all things, we require that all things be mysterious and challenging, the land and the sea be indefinitely wild, un-surveyed and unfathomed as we are the explorers and we can never have enough of wild nature.”
Nature walkers bring an array of priceless trekking options which can be explored by travelling through various challenging terrains, beautiful landscapes and mesmerizing beaches. Without compromising on the level of comfort the trekkers can witness some of the unsurpassed mountain views and sense a different thrilling feel that any trekker would like to experience.

We seek for new destination to treks and journeys to paradise filled with breath-taking scenorama. It gives us opportunity to explore and frame our own clikorama. The vast stretch of Western Ghats, beautiful South-West coastal beaches and rugged terrains of western Karnataka brings forth the most unexplored treks. The experience once we penned in the travel diaries dilate the unique culture of the farthest inhabitants up somewhere confined amid the pristine-shape away from the dust and rowdy firma. Once in our lifetime such adventure holidays bring upon grandeur to our travelogue.

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